Spend a Few Hours and Make a Big Difference with the Public Affairs Committee

| klwarsh

“When you make a choice, you change the future.”–Deepak Chopra

NCJW Colorado’s Public Affairs Committee has lots of ways for you to make the choice to better our community, our state and our country. They can be as active as testifying before a committee or legislature, or as simple as sending emails. Vice President of Public Affairs, Leila Covrigaru, is helping members learn the many ways they can work together or learn the tools to work on their own. You can choose to participate in just one or as many of the opportunities as you wish, allowing you to advocate in the way that is most comfortable for you.

Opportunities include:

Making calls and emails.
Members can learn what’s needed during in- person or zoom sessions and how to adapt pre-written scripts to your own words. Members who want to get involved will receive calls to action when calls and/or emails are needed.

How to Lobby Workshop
Leila will invite current lobbyists to lead this workshop that will let members advocate for issues affecting women, children and underserved populations.

How to Testify Workshop
This event will be held in person on Sunday, December 4. Brunch will be served.

Legislator Breakfast.
Held in January, members will interact with Colorado legislators, watch house and senate proceedings from the floor and see lobbyists in action. Members can be involved in ongoing lobbying, meetings with legislators, phone, email and other onsite activities.

We also have task forces for reproductive rights, voter protection and gun violence prevention. To sign up for any of the advocating opportunities or task forces, contact Leila@covrigaru.com or call her at 734-657-6784.

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