Contact Senator Bennet to Urge Him to Cosponsor the Assault Weapons Ban


The Keep Kids Safe Coalition, of which we are a partner, along with gun violence survivors is in Washington D.C. lobbying for Ethan’s Law (a federal bill to help prevent child access to unsecured firearms) (S.190) and an assault weapon ban bill (S.736). On Wednesday, September 14th, the coalition and survivors will meet with Senator Bennet. In anticipation of that meeting, we can have a huge impact by contacting Senator Bennet’s office and letting them know we want the Senator to Cosponsor these bills.

When we all act, NCJW has a very powerful voice. Please add your voice to this effort! It’s easy.

  • Please call or email Senator Bennet’s Legislative Aide, Kevin Figueroa before Wednesday, September 14th
  • You can use this script/email draft as a model:

“Hi Mr. Fi Figueroa, I’m a constituent calling from [zip code]. My name is ______.  I also am a member of the National Counsel of Jewish Women’s Colorado Section (NCJW Colorado).  NCJW Colorado has over 450 members in the state of Colorado.

I understand that the Senator will be meeting with Survivors of Gun Violence and the Keep Kids Safe Coalition of which NCJW Colorado is a member on Wednesday September 14th.  Keeping kids safe and ending gun violence are very important issues to me and to the National Council of Jewish Women.   Especially, here in Colorado where we have seen so many incidents of gun violence from Columbine to Aurora to the STEM school to Boulder they gun violence seems to never stop and we must find a way to stop it and keep our kids safe.  [If you have a personal story about gun violence here would be where you can and should add it in].

I want to make sure you and the Senator know that I personally and the National Council of Jewish Women Colorado urge the Senator to cosponsor both  S 736, the Assault Weapons ban and  S 190, Ethan’s Law, both of which will make a significant difference in the fight against gun violence.  These bills should be no-brainers; their provisions are widely supported by Americans and will save children’s lives. This is a critical issue to me and the entire organization and I hope the Senator will cosponsor these bills.

Thank you.

[Sign your name if sending an email and give your address]”

Together, our collective voices and pressure ARE making a difference so please contact the Senator’s office TODAY. For questions or for more guidance, please contact Leila at or (734)657-6784.