Join our “Ladies, Let’s Talk” Program

“One Good Conversation Can Shift the Direction of Change Forever.”
– Linda Lam, MD, MBA
Do you ever wonder about our colloquialisms and how people who don’t speak American English learn how to use them? Do you like to learn about other cultures and languages? Or, do you like to help people acclimate to new homes? Or, do you just like to chat?
If any of the above apply, you will want join our Ladies, Let’s Talk program. Partnering with the Austin, Texas section, NCJW Colorado is bringing together our members with new immigrants to the country to help them learn some of the intricacies of the English language and how to use it in everyday conversation about everything from road trips to clothing shopping, and so many topics in between. Along the way, all learn more about each other’s cultures, homelands, and lives. Just conversing can have a profound impact, potentially changing the direction of someone’s life.  It’s an easy program to join and sign up when you are able for one of the weekly  conversations.

You can enroll in the program at or contact Eileen Ladd ( or Tracey Douglas ( for more information.