October 25

Living Below the Poverty Line

October 25, 7:00 pm


Living through COVID has highlighted for us not only the significance of our communities, but also how wounded our communities are. Many more in our community are living below the poverty line.  As a result, many lives are being placed in danger, children are living on the edge. It seems that instead of coming together, we are growing further apart and more at odds with one another.  It seems harder than ever to make any lasting change.  It’s time to think differently about how we look at our communities and how we can make a difference.  This unique guided simulation allows us to do just that by learning from individuals who have taken the journey out of poverty.   Through this program we will step into the shoes of someone living below the poverty line and struggle through their life for a week.  Along the way, we will have an opportunity to interact with adults and children who are living in poverty and some who have overcome it in our community.  Afterwards we will have a guided debrief and a chance to explore how we can take our community service to a different level.  The cost for this event is $20. Questions? Contact Jacqui at (720)732-3504 or jmbeckett1@gmail.com