June 7

Scholarship Brunch

5:00 pm — 6:00 pm

Brunch Location TBD

As in years past,  the Colorado Section will be awarding Jewish women in need scholarships to continue their education.
This year we will be having brunch to celebrate our scholarship recipients and honor the women in whose honor and/or memory the scholarships are given.  For those of you who have attended a scholarship event in the past, I am sure you will agree, it is one of the most rewarding programs of the year and a day when we all feel so proud to be part of NCJW.  This year we will be having brunch to celebrate our scholarship recipients on June 7th.  Mark your calendars and plan to join us for this very special event.
In years past we have been able to give 4-7 scholarships because of the generosity of our donors and the section as a whole. This year we hope to do the same. New this year, we will also give each recipient a membership which will last until after they finish their education.
Typically donors have sponsored a scholarship in honor of someone close to them who gave of themselves to make NCJW what it is today or to honor their current engagement in NCJW.  All donors participate in the selection of the scholarship recipients.  At the Scholarship event, the donors host a ten-person table which enables them to include their family and friends at the event.  During the event, each donor introduces the recipient of their scholarship and explain the reason they gave the scholarship including information about the individual in whose honor it is given.  Ask any of the donors, and they will tell you it is truly a beautiful and rewarding experience.
We would love to welcome new additional donors.  If you would like to give a scholarship you can set up a perpetual award OR give a one time award this year to honor someone close to you or an achievement you want to highlight.  Each donor donates $2,500 per scholarship granted.
This year we hope to give all worthy women who apply a scholarship.  With your generosity, we know we can make this aspiration a reality.  If you are interested in being a donor this year, please contact Shelley Tuteur, Scholarship Chair  at shelley.tuteur72996@gmail.com. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Scholarship Brunch June 7th!

Deadline extended to April 6!