2022 Candidates Forum Recap

| klwarsh

Exercising your right to vote is perhaps the most important right and obligation we have as Americans.  So why do so many people not vote?  Research shows that among other reasons it’s because people do not think their vote will make a difference.  As we have seen over and over again, your vote does COUNT!  In the election just past, numerous races were won or lost by less than a few thousand votes. When we elect officials who reflect our values, we have an opportunity to shape the mission and future of our country, our state, our city, our county and even our small community.  Everyone’s vote matters.  It also matters that we all know who we are voting for and most importantly how they will represent us.  

Before the recent election, NCJW Colorado was able to help our community do just that through our Biannual Candidate’s Forum. Through this great event approximately 150 community members learned about the candidates on the ballot and their positions on issues.   We had over 60 State Senate and House candidates present and many ballot initiatives represented at our open house portion of the evening.  We also had a Representative who explained what the judges on the ballot meant.  All statewide races were represented as were 5 US House races and the US Senate race.  The statewide and federal candidates participated in forum discussions moderated by Scot Levin, ADL’s  Mountain States Regional Director. It was a stimulating and interesting evening and people left better equip to go and vote. 


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