Celebrating NCJW Colorado’s Generous Donors

| klwarsh

By Michelle Reiff

As February is here and décor for Valentine’s Day surrounds us wherever we go, I am inspired by this quote by  Antoine de Saint-Exupery (French writer, 1900-1944):

True love begins when nothing is looked for in return.

In that regard, I would like to recognize our 2022 donors to NCJW Colorado. Both members and non-members have shown  “true love” in their generous donations:

The General Fund 

  • Jackie Balyeat
  • Hilary Baskin
  • Jacqui Beckett
    • In Honor of:
      • Karen Friedhof’s wedding
      • Victoria Sanford’s wedding
      • The birth of Karen Friedhof’s son
      • The birth of Elaine Stepner’s granddaughter
      • The birth of Naomi Kirshner’s granddaughter
      • Shelley Tuteur’s big birthday
      • Lynn Ritvo’s recovery
      • Gloria Kern’s daughter’s wedding
    • In Memory of:
      • Our dear member, board member, and friend, Patsy Shafner
      • Barbara Dey’s Brother
      • Shari Schoeder’s husband
      • Cynthia Gershiemer’s mother
  • Wendy Davis
  • Lenore Dechtman
  • Selena Dunham
  • Eric Elkin
  • Linda Fogel
  • Joyce Foster
  • Gayle Landy
  • Marie Lurie
  • Lynn Ritvo
  • Jane Robbins
  • Jane Romberg
  • Selma Sladek
  • Patti Jo Streltzer

The Lackner Fund 

  • Doris Lackner
    • In Memory of:
      • her husband, Edward Lackner
  • Donna Kornfeld
  • Ellen Bregman
  • Jackie Balyeat
  • Jacqui Beckett
    • In Honor of:
      • Selena Dunham’s grandson’s recovery
  • Doris Lackner
    • In Memory of:
      • Leora Joseph’s father
      • Lisa Weiss’ son
      • Jane Robbins’ mother
  • Nancy Brodovksy

Children’s Traveling Theater 

  • Daniel Roberts


  • Nancy Alterman
  • Lynn Ritvo
  • Jane Robbins
  • Sheryl Siegel
  • Helena Stricker

Funds sent to National on our behalf 

  • Lynda Black
  • Eric Elkin

Many thanks to all who generously donated in 2022. All your donations help us to fulfill our mission to improve the lives of women, children and families and to safeguard individual rights and freedoms through advocacy, service and education.  We appreciate all!

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