February 2023 NCJW Colorado President’s Letter

| klwarsh

Dear Members,

Imagine sitting on the side of a busy Colorado House Chamber with 20 other NCJW members watching what all the hustle and bustle. Then Three Representatives, Dafna Michaelson Jenet, Emily Serota and Ruby Dixon, all the Jewish women in the House approach the podium and Speaker Julie McCluskie asked the chief clerk of the House to read the tribute. Then you hear bellowed our across the room a tribute to us, the National Council of Jewish Women on the start of our 130th anniversary year!. When the chief clerk finished, representative Michaelson Jenet, told a personal story about how she found our organization and got involved. She explains how she was attracted to us because we stood up for things we believed in, took action and made things happen bettering the life of our citizens. Then the ENTIRE House stood and turned towards us clapping. I couldn’t have been prouder. In that moment, I thought of all of you, those with me on the floor and those of you who are a part of our organization and have worked so hard to better the lives of women,  children and families in the past, those that are currently working so hard for our causes and all the women who will join our efforts in the future. I was so proud to represent this wonderful organization. That moment confirmed for me, why I love our organization and why I work so hard for the community. You can read the tribute attached to my message and listed to the actual House proceeding at: https://archive.org/details/colorado-house-2023-legislative-day-
018 minute 23:00.

Our Day at the Capitol was a wonderful success. Not only were we recognized from the floor of the House, but we had breakfast with 52 of the 98 legislators, meet one on one with 10 legislators and sat in on a committee meeting. The 20 women present I think all agreed it was a great way to learn about the legislative process and what was on the agenda for the 2023 term. Everyone loved the day!

Day at the Capitol is the kick off for our work this legislative session, this year we are initiating a wonderful program: Action Thursdays. On Tuesday there will be an email about what is happening both on the US Hill and Colorado Hill with actions you can take on Thursdays. Most Thursdays we will be meeting at the Capitol to meet legislators and advocate for important issues such as reproductive rights, women’s health, gun violence prevention and housing the unhoused. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE EXPERIENCE TO PARTICIPATE AND IT WON’T TAKE ALL DAY! If you cannot make it to the Capitol, you can still take action by writing or calling your representatives and senators. Together we will have a very powerful voice. We hope you will add yours!

There are so may wonderful programs coming up as well. From addressing homelessness, learning about battered women and Safe House, and making flower arrangements for hospice patients to celebrating Israel, addressing antisemitism, and a science fair for our adopted school, everyone should find something they are interested in. Please look at the full list of programs in our monthly email and listed on our events page. Some highlights coming up include Reproductive Shabbat Havdalah February 18th , Youth Forum on Gun Violence Solutions April 16th, Brunch and the Play ON the Exhale May 21st, a trip to the border in El Paso, TX May 30-June 2, our Scholarship Brunch June 4th , and a symposium on End of Life and Its Effect on Loved Ones, June 11th . Additionally, we have lots of small group community service actions you can get involved in including children’s traveling theater, tutoring, knitting, serving dinner, providing snacks to immigrants. Information for all of these activities is also on our website and included in the monthly email. I hope to see you all very soon at one of our great events!

I hope you all share the pride, I felt on the House floor and feel every day for NCJW and know how honored I am to be your President.

Truly yours,
Jacqui Beckett
NCJW Colorado Section

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