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For more than 120 years, the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) has been at the forefront of social change–championing the needs of women, children, and families, and courageously speaking out on issues of social economic justice.

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NCJW Colorado Section Board of Directors
June 2017 – June 2018

President: Jennifer Dechtman

Vice Presidents

Membership: Ruth Eptstein and Sharee Feldman Zeff
Community Services: Jacqui Beckett
Public Affairs: Marcia Helfant and Jill Spitz
Public Relations: Gail deVore and Charlene Spiegelman
Fundraising: Bobbi Lou Miller and Lucille Seigel-Maness

Treasurer: June Mullins
Secretary: Eileen Dumas
Parliamentarian: Beverly Rich

Board Members
Kay Ambrose, Hinda Buchbinder, Lorrie Dinner, Roberta Feinsmith, Cate Esstman, Jo Hubchik, Glenda Kaufman, Doris Lackner, Yvonne Roodberg, Evelyn Shafner, Kay Shaw

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