Listen and Learn Series

Our Listen and Learn Series consists of programs with a meal (lunch or dinner) and a stimulating topic. Recently we have had speakers including a pastor whose church is a safe harbor for a women facing deportation, the prosecutor of the Aurora movie theater shooter, the Coalition for the Homeless, a women veteran who faced homelessness, the prosecutor of the first successful sex trafficking ring, a discussion on the #MeToo movement, the League of Women Voters, a historian on our sections history, a bus tour of Jewish historical Denver, and much more! After a listen and learn we often end up picking up a cause and taking the topic to a higher level through service and/or advocacy.

NJCW Tackles Tough Topics

Our organization consists of many strong women, and we are not scared of tough topics. Thus, we started a series to address topics for the community that perhaps others would shy away from.

  • Ask the Doctor: Biannually, we have brought women doctors together to talk about women’s health issues. We run two tracks one for adults and the other for teenage girls. We have cardiologists, palliative doctors, primary care doctors, OBGYNs, dermatologist, psychologists, pediatricians, oncologists, nutritionists and many others participate. The event is open to the community and participants have a chance to hear from the providers on important topics, ask questions and talk one on one with them about their own concerns.
  • Symposium on End of Life and Its Effect on Loved Ones: People avoid talking about the end of life, thus when faced with a loved one’s departure we are unprepared. This important symposium tackles in small groups such topics as getting your papers in order, how to discuss this topic with your parents/grown children, how to talk about a death of a loved one with your children, how to leave things to others in a meaningful way, how to assure your wishes are honored, etc. Professionals are on hand to discuss these topics and more with all from the community who attend.

Impacting Israel

There are many topics which affect women and children in Israel. There are also many programs in Israel supported by NCJW’s efforts and once a year we have a program that heightens our members understanding of these programs and help us determine how we can make an impact.